Monday, November 22, 2004


I will not even address the utter absurdity of pledging my allegiance to a square piece of cloth, an arrangement of colors, an unclear and undefined symbol with as many different meanings, to as many different people, as red threads on the flag itself.

Despite what Mr. Bush,and those standing to his right, would like to believe, we are not, nor never will be, one nation under God. George Bush's god, the god of your favorite moral stars, like Tom Coburn, Pat Robertson, Focus on the Family's James Dobson, and many incarnations of the American Jesus Christ (the one that looks like Charles Manson, not the Jewish one) is not the same god as mine, nor millions like me.

If this is a nation under God (their god) and I do not serve their god, then what does that make me? Un-American? A traitor? A communist? Maybe I am just part of that Axis of Evil club. My government is urging me to repent from my sin. My government realizes that this is not an easy task and I cannot do it alone so it has committed itself to help me.

My government realizes that my excessive fondness for man on man fornication can only get worse, possibly leading to a long-term healthy relationship (making it even harder to ignore) so it promises to make sure I don't fall into that trap by amending the constitution so that such filthy acts of love and commitment are not included.

My government realizes that the devil has put temptations everywhere by planting herbs in the ground that may ease my pain and sooth my illness. My government realizes that sick people have no self control when Satan's temptation of easing their suffering is popping right out of the soil (as if God put it there) so it has put large fines and jail times (often harsher penalties that imposed on real criminals for real crimes) on anyone who uses these demonic weeds.

My government knows that lonely people who have no intimate physical contact with others may seek out others who are willing to treat their loneliness for a short while for a small payment. My government will incarcerate anyone succumbing to this temptation of feeling loved (or just feeling good) and to those who offer the cure as well, forcing them to seek out seedy parts of inner cities where they become victims of violent sadistic pimps who exploit the government's stand.

George Bush's god, the god "over" America has already condemned me to hell. If I was to embrace this American god, I would have to first deny who I am and let my government (and James Dobson) cure me of the wicked debauchery in my pants


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